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AAA 2010 Fan Meeting at Osaka ChiaShin with Naoya

This is pretty old, but it's really interesting and funny to read.

"Q: The type you like?
Chiaki: It’s for opposite sex right??
Naoya: Is there anything else?? Hahaha.
Chiaki: That’s right!! For me…u~m. If it’s one or the other, not slender… (Glancing at Shinjiro)
Shinjiro: Wait a second!! Why did you look at me just now!! Like saying “You’re not it.”
Chiaki: Ahaha. And tall…
Here, Chiaki and Shinjiro might be looking at leader.
Naoya: Well, in other words, I’m metabolic. 
Naoya: What about Ataesan?
Shinjiro: For me…(While counting with his fingers) Can cook, …Can read the situation…Someone with long hair..
Shinjiro: Chiaki is (Chiaki and Shinjiro both count with their fingers this time) Can’t cook, Can’t read the situation, and short cut… Too bad!!!!!! 
Chiaki: What about Naoya-kun?
Naoya: For me.. Anyone is good besides Chiaki.
Chiaki: Eh… “Anyone besides Chiaki” is really wide.
Naoya: Yeah. Anyone besides Chiaki is good.
Shinjiro: Then, try saying your good sides? Like your appeal points…
Chiaki: Maa…I’m kind, right?
S&N: ……um…yeah yeah. 
Chiaki: And…I’m kind because I keep a dog, right?
S&N: ?????????????
Chiaki: And…If someone has a bad expression or color, I ask “Are you okay?” and such right? ( Says it while tapping on Naoya’s and Shinjiro’s shoulders. )
S&N: Hm?????
Shinjiro: Maa…You never said something like that to me."

They were so cuuuuute. >u< Shinjiro being a selfish jealous baby. XD

Read the whole thing here: http://champagnecold.tumblr.com/post/28240845707/aaa-2010-fan-meeting-at-osaka-with-chiaki-naoya-and


Haha, yeahh, the translation was super fun to read. XDD